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Brainwavz S1

In-Ear earphone headset

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Welcome to the Muzix Webstore!

We love music, it’s an important part of our lives. We are also committed to the continuously developing and widening digital lifestyle. Therefore we are passionately looking for solutions which provide such level of quality of listening to music and related accessories that we could proudly offer them with honest commitment for those smartphone & smart devices users, who share the same mindset with us.

The spread and expansion of smartphones have fundamentally changed our habits of listening to music and beyond that, it has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. If you have a smartphone, you have everything. Therefore we are at home not only in music. We are familiar with several such areas related to digitalization, which have a positive impact on or help us reach our mental well-being, such as health.conscious lifestyle and its digital tools. Our goal is to offer all the benefits of smartphones and smart devices, according to areas of interest, to everyone who not only follows our ever-changing world, but also keeps up with it.

With full responsibility to the brands we are committed to, we strive to enhance their reputation by thoughtful strategy, making their values well-known and further increasing the number of users satisfied with them. All of our brands and products perform excellent in their category and it can universally be said that they are not only fun to use, but in all cases their price-value ratio is also outstanding.

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Our newest items

It’s worth coming back to us! Our more than 10 distributed brands constantly offer new goods. Morevover, the number of our brands grows continuously.

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Alpha1 Pro Humanoid Robot

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The new generation with new appearance and joint to bring you better and smoother experience. 


Revolution of smart devices

It has only been a few years since the first smart devices have come out. Thanks to their explosive success and spread, we can indeed find many adventageous and practical tools. But why do we even need the smart devices when we already have a well-established, classic solution for everything?

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GGMM M4. Dreamed in California

More information about GGMM M4 


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